My Tapasya on Gita Jayanti

On Gita Jayanti, Sanjay Ji asked me to do something. It’s a different matter he chickened out the moment I uttered the word “discussion”. 😛 At least we remembered Geeta Kapur, the choreographer, on this occasion.

The word “Gita” itself means a song. Where there’s a song, there has to be some dancing. It also reminded me of Krishna’s love for dance. From that perspective, it wasn’t a bad idea to think of her. 😁

When no one turned up for the discussion, alas! I took up the scripture myself in the evening and skimmed through it. So, sharing some of the thoughts from that endeavor here for all of you. After all, why should I bear the burden of wisdom all by myself?

In the 17th chapter, Sri Krishna talks about Tapas (तप or तपस्या). When we think about this term, we usually imagine a grim looking monk standing on one foot somewhere in deep woods. However, Krishna paints a very contrarian picture.

One of the essential qualities of Tapas, according to Gita, is मनः प्रसादः i.e. a joyful mind. A person who’s happy, full of vigor, and cheerful. Anything pops up in front of your eyes as soon as you hear this? Yeah! In my case, it’s Mukul Ji’s face. Mind you, it isn’t that easy to stay cheerful and energetic. It is Tapas. It takes effort. It is hard work.

Another quality Krishna talks about is आर्जव. Now, it’s a bit of a cryptic word. ऋजु means crooked or twisted. Its antonym is आर्जव, i.e. simple, straight. One shouldn’t be very complex within. Trying to stay uncomplicated and simple at heart is Tapas.

Interestingly, अर्जुन also means अ + ऋजु = simple or uncrooked. Arjuna was non-complex at heart. That’s why he could get Krishna’s guidance. Not only that, Krishna bestowed him with the vision of his Vishwa-roopam, the all pervasive omnipresent God.

So, from now on, I’ll try to be even more jolly and simple. Perhaps, it’ll make me a Tapaswi. The only thing that puts me off is Rahul Gandhi calling himself a Tapaswi during Bharat Jodo Yatra. 😜

Thank you Sanjay Ji for giving me a nudge on Gita Jayanti

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